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I am offering Virtual Private Sessions and Virtual Yoga Classes! (both live and recorded for On-Demand) Note: Privates AND Classes are private, only I can see you on ZOOM.

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All sessions and classes are taught by Monique Michaels

private offerings


Ayurvedic Consultations are the perfect compliment to Western medicine.  The approach is to determine each individual’s unique constitution, and bring balance using diet, lifestyle, herbs and yoga.  The recommendations for two individuals are rarely the same.

Ayurveda focuses on ways to prevent symptoms and treat the root causes of imbalance, and values Western medicine for it’s ability to treat acute illness.

Ayurveda is for everyone – regardless of how busy we feel or how many prescription drugs we are taking.

The tools that an Ayurvedic diet and lifestyle consultant use to bring health may include one or more of the following:

  • Specific foods and recipes
  • a daily routine
  • essential oils
  • herb-infused body oils
  • spices
  • yoga
  • breath work
  • color & sound therapy
  • meditation
  • mindfulness mentoring
  • and much more

Sincere consideration is given to the amount of time you have to incorporate changes into your life. Through working with Monique one on one, you will learn how to take the right steps at the right time.  Monique has no doubt that you will feel the difference that understanding your body and your choices can make, and that this knowledge and awareness will help you to feel empowered and at peace.


Yoga is the experience of being at ease.  The physical postures and attention to breath that are widely known as “yoga” are but one aspect of a system that is designed to transform the body into an adamantine vehicle;  simultaneously strong and supple. The strength and softness in the body produce an environment where the mind can rest, even among the most chaotic life moments, deepest emotions, and intense pain.

Yoga is intrinsically available to everyone, regardless of external conditions, but often requires great discipline, sustained interest, and patience.

The yoga that Monique teaches is a combination of various physical styles that she learned over the years, including Katonah Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga, Iyengar, Restorative Yoga, Yin Yoga, Therapeutic Yoga, Gentle Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, and Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy.

You will see that Monique’s weekly group classes focus on Beginners & Restorative – Yin Yoga.  It seems the slow, gentle, quiet approach in Yin Yoga is much needed at this time in our culture.

During a Private or Semi-Private Session, you may request any style of yoga, or simply describe how you’re feeling and what you’d like to change in order to feel more at ease.  Monique is happy to customize a sequence just for you, and is delighted to work with beginners and experiences practitioners alike.

Teaching for 6 years in a corporate setting, Monique understands the beneficial, positive effect Yoga & Meditation have in a corporate environment.  Please send an e-mail request to for more information.

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in home – cooking classes

A private or semi-private cooking class is a great way to learn hands-on-skills in the kitchen.  Whether you’re new to cooking, or a seasoned pro, you’re guaranteed to learn something new.

Monique’s specialty is vegetarian and vegan food, customized for the seasons, individual constitutions, or specific illnesses.  If you would like, Monique will also teach food prayers that you can speak while cooking, or just before eating, like saying “Grace.”  Monique finds that mindfulness is an important ingredient to delicious wholesome cooking, and makes for a much more enjoyable experience along the way.

Cooking classes are held in a private home, or at your location for an additional fee.  Classes are catered to your individual interest and needs. Please fill out the intake form below when you send your inquiry.

meditation & pranayama

Monique teaches various techniques of seated meditation, practiced in silence or with a mantra, that can be maintained daily as sadhana (lit. “that which gives support to peace”).  Most practices last somewhere between 10 – 30 minutes and can be done any time during the day, wherever and whenever it suits your schedule and lifestyle.

During a private meditation session or group course, you will first be given instructions in the technique while both you and Monique have your eyes closed.  Then you will open your eyes, stretch your legs, and review the instructions with eyes open and plenty of time for questions.

In her teaching, Monique includes practical guidelines and suggestions to help maintain a daily practice.

Monique asks her students to go home and practice on their own. You are welcome to record your session so that you can meditate along with Monique’s voice if you choose.

Monique will introduce the more complex mantra and prayer work (use of sacred sanskrit sounds and affirmations), once a student has demonstrated a regular seated practice with the breath (Vipassana or other style).  The more complex mantra work allows the student to skillfully investigate enlightened states of conscious mindfulness, and to practice holding these states within the matrix of every day living.  This translates as a more active participation in daily life, with the foundation of yama and niyama, or appropriate boundaries like non-violence, non-greed, and self-study.


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