candlelight yin & restorative yoga workshop

W I N T E R  practice

F R I D A Y,  February 2nd
6:30pm – 8pm
@ Breathe Pilates + Yoga
83 N. Greeley Ave.,
Chappaqua, NY 10514

Come inside from out in the thick of the cold of WINTER into a heated environment that will allow for a deeper letting go while you unwind and de-stress the body and mind.  

This special one night workshop will focus on relaxation, stillness and breath in a class designed around the WINTER practice of being reflective and gaining insight through deepening your understanding of hip openers, forward folds and twists.

Open to all levels.   SIGN UP 

Wellness for PETS


meet oliver + lady lala

Do you have health insurance for your pet? You are not alone if the answer is NO, less than 1% of people do.

Vet visits can be expensive, better to pay a little at a time with a low premium  than thousands of dollars out of pocket when your pet needs a visit.

I have Healthy Paws Pet Insurance for all four of my fur babies and I pay less than $70/month. (90% reimbursement on claims and a $250 deductible)

Healthy Paws has great coverage, awesome customer service and flexible deductible/reimbursement plans that don’t cost as much was you might think.  I did hours of research and found that they are ranked #1 by consumer’s advocate, pet insurance review and Canine Journal to name a few.

See for yourself, get a free quote:  HEALTHY PAWS PET INSURANCE

meet oliver, lady lala, monkey and earl grey