“Monique is an incredible teacher. She provided the best instruction to all the employees in my organization. Energetic, passionate, and friendly, Monique is simply an expert at her craft.”

MARK, CHIEF OF STAFF, US Army Corps of Engineers


“I’m still a beginner, still working on my alignments but still every new session with Monique, I experience as more challenging, yet more rewarding.  She is not just an extremely educated yoga teacher and a super advanced yogi herself, Monique is an unique person and teacher!  She has the compassion and interest in making every student mastering yoga and to make sure every student benefits from every single pose, regardless of experience. She has the personality and the passion making everyone in her class feeling welcome and positively challenged, the newcomer as much as the experienced. She takes time for everybody, and she has “the eye” for not only making the obvious corrections but also the smallest adjustments making the pose as efficient as possible. Regardless of the student’s level of experience, Monique challenges you for “the little extra”!  Monique is not only bringing her 10+ years of experience and the many-many hundred hours of her schooling to the class, she is bringing herself! I have never met somebody more professional yet so personal as Monique!  Monique has transformed my life, and she will transform yours.”



“Monique effortlessly shares her wonderful gifts of teaching, compassion, and insight. I was able to employee so much of what I learned instantly. And, I am looking at all of my students and clients with new eyes and amazed at how I can now see so much more about what the body shows us in small subtle ways.” 

CARLA, OWNER, Mantra Mind Body


“I have experienced many yoga teachers, instructors and classes, and have never had such profound results. Monique has a gift – she uses yoga to help you heal from the inside out. A cancer survivor, I had LOTS of souvenirs from surgery… and her healing techniques help you embrace your weak areas to heal, strengthen and support.”



“Monique was the best yoga instructor that we invited to teach at our corporate office. She has a deep knowledge of wellness and her teaching style is very intentional. Unlike other yoga instructors, she focuses on quality vs. quantity I highly recommend Monique to other offices and studios.” 



“Monique is very knowledgeable about her work. She always asks what is going on with her class/students in order to tailor her yoga classes to obtain the best results.”



“I had the good fortune of meeting Monique through some yoga classes and immediately noticed her compassionate way of instructing her students to “true” alignment.  Monique was the first teacher who took the time to notice the way I was positioning my body and how to correct myself. We spoke about my own goals and set up a private lesson and honestly it was the best thing I could have done.  We now have been working together for the past month and I feel I have learned so much.  Monique is truly the best teacher I have ever come across in my 25 years of practicing yoga.”



“I consistently arrived in Monique’s class battered and bruised from a variety of athletic ventures. She always took the time to determine what the injury of the day was, and to devise a plan to get me on the road to recovery (and to prevent further injury). Monique is extremely knowledgeable and capable in all that she does. I try to incorporate all that she taught me into my daily life.” 

JASON, PROJECT MANAGER, US Army Corps of Engineers


“Monique’s yoga style and personality make the perfect match to develop and progress a yogi’s practice. I was fortune to have her as a laudable yoga instructor at my work place (USACE). Monique’s experience and yoga knowledge, together with her ability to explain and gently guide the yoga practitioners, make her an excellent and trustworthy yoga instructor. Specifically, I valued the new “gentle yoga” moves that corrected and enhanced my yoga practice. I feel graced and enhanced by the yoga instruction she provided me!”

ROSIE, PARALEGAL, US Army Corps of Engineers


“Monique is an excellent yoga instructor that was always concerned with the well being of each student and paid attention to details such as injuries or aches and pains. Her goal was not just to get through a class but to tailor classes to benefit her students. Her positive energy was infectious and her focus to the proper positioning and technique was second to none.”



“Thank-you, Monique, for your careful yoga instruction.  It has been a great 15 months for me.  You liberated my neck!! My shoulders were gripping for some 26 years, and during one very intense and slow yoga practice, they released, leaving my neck free to move with a lot more range of motion. My posture and gait are much improved and I feel better all the time.  My headaches are all but gone. I really appreciate how you explain what each movement does and the overall affect of yoga and each pose.  Your words come back to me through the day, guiding my posture and movement, so that my practice is extended into the day.”  

RAINA, PROJECT MANAGER, US Army Corps of Engineers