Essential Oils for Cold & Flu Season

Essential oils are quite powerful substances.  They are easily and quickly absorbed by our bodies, making them fast-acting.  That’s exactly what we want during cold and flu season!  Here is some information about some of my favorite cold-fighting essential oils.

One step is to purify the air around you.  Use a diffuser when possible.  Carry necklaces with charms that you can add a couple of drops of essential oils to, or simply rubbing some into your skin will help warn off those bad bugs!

Essential oils are naturally anti-microbial, so using them as a hand sanitizer is an awesome idea.  Try mixing some into a spritzer bottle with water or fractionated coconut oil and simply spritzing your hands.

If you do manage to catch something, try using essential oils in your diffuser or a steam mist (pour boiling water into a bowl, add a couple of drops of essential oil, and inhale).  Peppermint and eucalyptus are excellent for steam inhalation.  Try a combination of pine, clove, thyme, lemon and frankincense for a diffuser – it works great!

Another fabulous treatment for colds and flu is a chest rub.  Give this simple recipe a try:

4 drops thyme
4 drops marjoram
3 drops eucalyptus
2 drops tea tree
2 drops oregano
1 t aloe vera gel
1/8 t massage oil.
Combine and rub into chest before bed.


Here’s a good referral list for choosing essential oils:

Antibiotic for bacterial infections : lavender, oregano, tea tree, thyme, rosemary

Antiviral for fighting viruses: eucalyptus, marjoram, teat tree, thyme

Antifungal for fungal infections: geranium, lavender, myrrh, tea tree

Expectorants for expeling mucus: eucalyptus, peppermint, pine

Antispasmotic for relaxing spasms: clary sage, marjoram, Roman chamomile.

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