The reward is “sweet”!

Got Allergies? Try Local Honey!

Bee Love is a place for Conservation and Education about honey Bee’s.

Ray DuBois, from Greenwich, CT, is a beekeeper that believes in the conservation of honeybees and educational outreach.  He farms from 12 locations surrounding a 20 mile radius of Greenwich  and it might just “bee” the best honey you’ve ever had!

If you live in the Westchester County of New York or Greenwich, CT area and struggle with seasonal allergies, contact Ray and purchase a jar of his local honey!  Make sure to start using it before the spring, as your body will build up the immunity it needs to fight that itchy nose and watery eyes from the blooms of springtime!

You can use honey as a substitute for sugar, in tea, coffee, salad dressings, oatmeal, etc….

If you do not live in the area — try to find a local farm or farmers market that sells a Raw honey,  harvested by a treatment-free beekeeper.

What do you use honey for?


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